About Benton & Spring

Benton & Spring was formed in 2020 by Suzanne Miller and Darci Frost, although our journey began many years prior.  In 2016 Suzanne had her first born and began channeling her creative side again while being at home with a newborn. She began making custom shirts for friends and family and before long, things really took off! Soon Suzanne and Darci who happen to be sister-in-laws, joined forces to keep up with customer demands.

After several years of dreaming and wondering what it might look like to officially open an online retail shop, we’ve decided to take the plunge! The name, Benton & Spring comes from the places we grew up during our childhood years. Suzanne is from Benton, Arkansas and Darci is from The Woodlands, Texas in an area that is now known as Spring. We are passionate about helping people find affordable everyday pieces they feel confident in to add to their wardrobe. 

The dream is awesome, and we are so thankful for all of our customers both old and new that have supported our journey thus far.